I am a family girl who likes to keep everyone together. I’m outgoing with a very kind nature. I like music, reading,  and getting out and about.

What people say about me!

How do you know the above individual?  personally, and professionally

How long have you known the above individual? 35 years

What words best describe their personality?  professional, caring, reliable, goes above and beyond.

Did you employ the above individual?  yes

What is your assessment of:

Quality of work: great

Quantity of work: will take on every task

Application to job: great

Honesty:  exemplary

Relations with others: tries hard to include

Attendance/Punctuality: great

Work without supervision: great

 Any other comments you wish to add with regards to individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

She will be a massive asset to your company, she works well with others as well as able to make informed decisions. I would employ her anytime.

Toni Sutton, Reference

The situation is now that she will be going to a rehab unit once a bed is available and when she is well

Enough to be moved.

This means unfortunately that the service of Janet will no longer be required – can I just say that Janet was

The nicest/caring person who looked after JL and JL really looked forward to going out etc.

Mrs L Thompson - Client NOK

Training completed after July 2019:

  • CC STD 1 Understand your role
  • CC STD 2 Personal Dev
  • CC STD 3 Duty of Care
  • CC STD 4 Equality & Diversity
  • CC STD 5 Working in a person centred way
  • CC STD 6 Communication
  • CC STD 7 Privacy & Dignity
  • CC STD 9 Mental Health Awareness
  • CC STD 10 Safeguarding adults
  • CC STD 10 Safeguarding children
  • CC STD 12 Basic life support
  • CC STD 13 Health & Safety
  • CC STD 14 Handling of information
  • CC STD 15 Infection prevention control
  • Face to Face Training:

  • Medication awareness
    • Adult Mental Health, Children / under 18’s, Dementia Support, Older People, Reablement – Home from hospital discharge
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