I have been caring for children for the past 13 years working in a Pre-school setting, I was the deputy manager and SENCO with experience of supporting staff, children and their parents/carers, dealing with everything from safeguarding issues to referring children to Specialist outside agencies.  I am currently still child minding before and after school and would like to now extend my knowledge and expertise by caring for adults in the community especially after recently helping a close family member through a difficult time.  It is my passion caring for and helping others.

I am married with four older children and have a dog that keeps me very active.


Training completed after July 2019:

  • CC STD 1 Understand your role
  • CC STD 2 Personal Dev
  • CC STD 3 Duty of Care
  • CC STD 4 Equality & Diversity
  • CC STD 5 Working in a person centred way
  • CC STD 6 Communication
  • CC STD 7 Privacy & Dignity
  • CC STD 9 Mental Health Awareness
  • CC STD 10 Safeguarding adults
  • CC STD 10 Safeguarding children
  • CC STD 12 Basic life support
  • CC STD 13 Health & Safety
  • CC STD 14 Handling of information
  • CC STD 15 Infection prevention control
  • Face to Face Training:

  • Basic life support
  • Medication awareness
    • Adult Mental Health, Children / under 18’s, Degenerative conditions support, Dementia Support, MS, Neurological conditions, Older People, Support with Learning Disabilities
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