I have known Anne for 3 years she is caring and always happy to help. She goes above and beyond, her time keeping is perfect and Anne completes all tasks if she starts something she will finish it. She is loving and caring.

How do you know the above individual? I worked with Anne at Icknield Court Care Home

How long have you known the above individual? Over a year now

What words best describe their personality? Kind, Caring, Great sense of humor, hard working

Did you employ the above individual? No, We were both Deputy Managers

What is your assessment of:

Quality of work: 10/10 Anne always does her best and will work hard to support her team

Quantity of work: Anne would always work extra hours to ensure the work was done

Application to job: Anne is very knowledgeable and anything she didn’t know, she was willing to learn.

Honesty: Anne is a very open and honest person. Anne is transparent with her team

Relations with others: Anne got on well with all staff here and engaged really well with the residents.

Attendance/Punctuality: Anne was always early for her shifts and was never late. Anne never had a sick day.

Work without supervision: Anne is able to get the job done with very little supervision. Anne is able to manage her time well for each task.

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

Anne loves all kinds of people and would do anything to make sure a resident/service user is cared for to the best of her ability. Anne works well in teams and on her own. She would be an asset to any team!

Ms Hattingh, Icknield Court Care Home