How do you know the above individual? – George was the sole carer for my late step father.

How long have you known the above individual? 2 years

What words best describe their personality? Caring, Empathetic, Honest, Hard Working, Reliable, Very Punctual, Appropriately light hearted. 

Did you employ the above individual? Yes

What is your assessment of:

Quality of work, Excellent

Quantity of work, 14 – 20 hours per week more if necessary.

Application to job, George is of the character that this is a vocation, as opposed to just a position.

Honesty, 100 per cant

Relations with others, George as a professional creates good relationships with clients and their family members.

Attendance/Punctuality, 100% – Never late – If anything mostly early.

Work without supervision, Totally competent without supervision

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

George has the ability to befriend all ages and cultures. Due to many years of experience, George can professionally carry out all needs with in Health and Social Care.

Ms M Pettitt, Reference

Dear George
Last January when our care company pulled out, we were at such a low point and then you arrived! I do not think D could have had a better PA it was so nice having a man look after him and one who knew all about Friars and “his” music!
You never stuck to your hours getting here early and never leaving on time. There would be laughter and banter you would tell him what was going on in the world and get a smile out of him with one of your jokes but all the while being very attentive making sure he was ok. You were more than a PA you became a good friend to D – to the whole family. Pulling Harry “The Vampires” leg asking Bex how she was getting on with her driving and work. Knowing his family were happy meant the world to D so I can’t thank you enough for that and all threw while you were struggling with your own health issues.
D really did have the most awful disease but thanks to your care and friendship he enjoyed life and I will always remember hearing the laughter downstairs.
D and I both said on many occasions we were so lucky we found you George – what if we hadn’t? that does not bear thinking about, so thank you for all you have done for us. Keep in touch.

Jo, Harry and Rebecca, Reference 01/12/17

George had been helping my husband David with showering before he went into hospital early December.
Very satisfactory

Mr and Mrs McMahan, 20/2/21