How do you know the above individual?

Karen cared for my elderly Father for 3+ years.

How long have you known the above individual?

Approximately 7 years.

What words best describe their personality?

Karen is caring, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, respectful and patient.

Did you employ the above individual?

Yes to care for my Father. She was marvelous in taking care of him and he adored her.

Quality of work –

Excellent, she is able to take charge in any eventuality and is always willing to
assist in anyway she can.

Quantity of work –

Karen came twice everyday for 3+ years.

Application to job –

Karen is very good at her job, she is very proactive, while being practical and
caring. I could never question the care she provided it was outstanding, she would be an asset to

Honesty –

Very honest and trustworthy.

Relations with others – Karen got on with everyone my Father was in contact. She took him to the Center and appointments.

Attendance/Punctuality – Perfect.

Work without supervision – Absolutely.

Karen would be an asset to any organization she is kind, caring and compassionate as well as being
highly efficient at her job. She is reliable, observant and very practical and able to handle all
situations. I cannot express how highly I would recommend her.

MS Pattison-Bingham

Karen is a very reliable person who I’ve known for 5 years. She is very reliable and trustworthy. Always on time and willing to do anything for you. I know that you have won’t any problems with clients you send her to.

Ms Smith