How long have you known the above individual? 3 years

What words best describe their personality? Outgoing, positive, happy, hardworking.

Did you employ the above individual? No

What is your assessment of:

Quality of work Extremely hardworking

Quantity of work Completes all work thoroughly and to a high standard

Application to job

Honesty: Very Honest

Relations with others: A core member of the team, who doesn’t just work well with colleagues but takes time to communicate with them and is very caring of others.

Attendance/Punctuality: Kylie is always at work at least 30 minutes before she is due to start, and very rarely takes any sick days.

Work without supervision: Yes Kylie is extremely capable of working alone.

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

I have really enjoyed working with Kylie over the past 3 years and getting to know her. She has a brilliant work ethic and always leaves no stone unturned. She has an amazing memory of all her customers and what they require.

She has a brilliant personality and is approachable, caring and enjoyable to be around.

N Elliott , 12/8/19
I have know Kylie for over 30 years personally, she is caring, honest, easy to talk to and always offers solid advice. Kylie is not scared of any situation she finds herself in and will deal with it in a calm and professional manor.
Louise Mitchell