How do you know the above individual?

We were colleagues at St Leonards Residential Home.

How long have you known the above individual?

3.5 years

What words best describe their personality?

Friendly, supportive, caring, approachable, creative.

Quality of work: Whilst working with Laura, I observed she was always professional, not only was she very supportive towards the residents but also to colleagues. She carried out tasks in a timely manner and dealt with extremely stressful situations with a calm approach.

Application to job: Laura will be well suited this role as she has over 15 years experience within the care sector and is passionate about person centered care.

Honesty: Laura has never displayed any level of dishonesty and will always raise issues of concerns.

Relations with others: Laura maintains a friendly yet professional relationships with colleagues and clients at all levels.

Attendance/Punctuality: Laura is always punctual and very rarely absent from work.

Work without supervision: Laura worked as a senior carer and not only worked unsupervised but also supervised others.

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

I have known Laura for 3.5 years and worked along side her during night shifts for 9 months. During those months I came to see Laura was very passionate about care and the quality of care provided. She was popular with residents and staff and always made time to listen to others concerns.
I enjoyed my shifts with Laura immensely as I knew she valued team work and shifts ran smoothly under her leadership even during stressful situations.

Ms Ellis, St Leonards Residential Home

How do you know the above individual?

How long have you known the above individual?

2 Years

What words best describe their personality?

Did you employ the above individual?


What is your assessment of:

Quality of work


Quantity of work


Application to job



Laura is Honest

Relations with others



No issues

Work without supervision

Laura was a senior carer and led her team during the nights.

I want to wish Laura all the best for the future. She has been loyal, hard worker and a hard worker for a long period of time. We are all great full to have her as part of the team.

Mr Sharp, St Leonards Residential Home