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I couldn’t be happier with the professional care and service I receive from Issie and Mia, both of whom are exceptionally pleasant and helpful. They do work very efficiently and is a pleasure to have them around. I realise it is not an easy job that these young girls do, never knowing what situation they will find. Their friendly manner is calming and reassuring.

Mr B Pritchard, 17/2/2021

Mia was an absolute star the other night, she is a very kind girl and the family is grateful to her, I hope to see her again, possibly when my other PA is having a day off!

Mrs J P, 20/2/2021

I realise although I would like to care for myself, I am grateful for all the help they give me.
I’m finding it not easy to adjust after being so independent for so long.
They all have interesting personalities I am learning a lot about the younger generation and hopefully they are learning more about my generation.
Thanks to Issie, Mia and Sarah for their help.

Mrs M Wilkins, 10/3/2021