I  have always had a lot of time for the older generation, probably because I had a very tight knit relationship with my grandparents who helped to raise me as a child.

I used to have an elderly gentleman in my village, we had a very good rapport and he used to call me “the daughter he never had”.    We would go out shopping, or I would drive him to medical appointments, get his medication, anything really he needed, if I could.  Cooking a  roast on a Sunday, I would take him some too.   We had trust and a lovely friendship.  Miss him!

Working for eleven years at Bletchley Park (no not in WWII, Im not quite that old yet!). I worked very closely with the team of retired volunteers in our department, this forged more relationships with older friends , and what characters, all with tales to tell! I also spent a couple months working at Camp Hill Community Cafe working with and supporting adults with learning disabilities that I enjoyed very much!

My home life, I supported my late father who, having many illnesses, was on dialysis.  As time passed by with his illness, he was not as able, so I was his right hand so to speak. I decided to move him closer to me to “keep an eye on him”, so cleaning, taking him places, liaising with the hospital or doctors, ensuring he was on the right medications and ensuring he took them correctly, cleaning, washing cooking, and generally making sure he was having a good quality of life without giving up his independence was the norm for me.

In 2022 I took my first job with Calibre  to help with a 58 year old gentleman who has learning difficulties, we have now become firm friends and I know he looks forward to seeing me once a week and I too look forward to seeing him.  I also have a young lady who needs help and I take her and her dogs for a run in a local dog run or we may go shopping together, whatever she needs that week.  We too have now got a friendship out of this.  I’m here to listen, help share the load and be there for whoever needs me, from whatever walk of life, and perhaps it will be the start of a great working friendship for the both of us? I have been.  My other two clients are elderly ladies who both need my help around the homes with daily chores, shopping and just keep them company.





  • The Care Certificate - 15 mandatory requirments
  • Learning Disability Awareness
  • Dementia Awareness
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Moving and Assisting of People
    • Adult Mental Health, Gardening, Older People, Support with Learning Disabilities
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