What words best describe their personality? Happy and focused

What is your assessment of:

Quality of work, Excellent

Quantity of work, Very good at prioritising workload

Application to the job, Sarah is an excellent carer

Honesty, Extremely honest

Relations with others, Sarah works well either solo or as a team member.

Attendance/Punctuality, I had not known Sarah have a day off sick and was always on time.

Work without supervision, Sarah could lead the team extremely well on the dementia wing she worked on.

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to the individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

It was a pleasure to have Sarah as part of my team I could be assured all residents and staff members were looked after so very well.

I would recommend her for this role.

J Davies, Fremantle Trust - Reference

What words best describe their personality? Honest, Friendly, Caring, Supportive, Team Player, upbeat and positive

Any other comments you wish to add with regards to the individual’s suitability for the role of a Personal Assistant in Health and Social Care.

Sarah has spent many years working in this field. She is kind and caring and understands the needs of people in her care well. I’m sure she would make an excellent Personal Assistant.

N Roberts, CPM UK - Reference

Sarah is a very lovely lady and a caring person and can have a laugh she is always happy and cheerful.
When my dad passed away she really helped me so much and was a great support to me.
She has been there for me when I have felt down and overwhelmed with the current COVID situation I really miss going out together, but Sarah has made it fun for us both.

Miss Simmonds, 24/2/21

Catherine is kind and understanding she works so hard and we have a great laugh together.
Sarah works hard and comes in to do my lunch and we also have a good laugh.
Sarah is understanding caring and fun Catherine and Sarah can come back anytime.

Miss D Hobbs, 3/3/21

Sarah has been helping me a lot, she has helped me to do lots of things, and also driving me to medical appointments, shopping, going to the bank, and helping me get out and about.

Miss V Bygrave, 17/2/21

Sarah Wakeley had looked after my Mum Karoline Eksteen for 8-9 months who had dementia. Sarah attended to my Mum’s personal needs, administered her medication took her for walks and became a friend to my Mum. Sarah was kind gentle and extremely patient with my Mum. She took my Mum on small outings of her own accord and never asked for anything in return. She never missed a visit.
When Sarah was here, she not only gave my Mum support she also supported me out of the kindness of her heart. She stood by me when my Mum was rushed to hospital on 3 occasions and also visited her in hospital. She supported and comforted me when my mother died at home. She was always there when the family needed her.
In all honesty Sarah was the best PA my Mum ever had (and she had a few) they were all good, kind, gentle and loving to Mum but no match to Sarah. Sarah was my Mums light and Angel. I know my Mum loved her and always looked forward to when Sarah came.
I truly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a PA. They will not be disappointed if I could, I would nominate Sarah ‘the best PA in the world’.

Mrs K Eksteen, 15/3/21